About Us

Our Company was established in 2008 to provide engineering and designing services for Automotive, White Goods, Aviation and Defense Industries.
We, our management team and dynamic staff with more than 15 years of experience in automotive and designing, are continuously developing ourselves, following up all technologies and bringing up the bear to be a reliable and expedient partner for you.


To be in cooperation:
•To produce goods and services beyond expectation by fully understanding customer expectations
To be pioneering and innovative:
•To make difference with innovations on customer services, product development and work concept. To improve and implement faster and more quality methods for lean production and services.
•To prioritize customer requests


To be the most reliable supplier and partner in the eyes of our customers with innovative and professional service manner beyond expectations.


•To be perfectionistic in service and quality manner
•To keep customer satisfaction in the optimum level and respond customer expectations in time with best performance
•With well-educated personnel having productive manpower and
accordingly making good use of technology;
•To be Pioneering, innovative and stable in the industries we operate.

Sense of Quality

We want to master on the provisions of our customers. We train our personnel about this.
We fully complete the documents requested by our customers (checklists etc.).
We are competent to provide engineering solutions for issues encountered in design.
We ensure that any mistake and improvement suggestions are documented in our office and acknowledged by our designers.

Why Gamas Design?

We know automotive.
We are competent in our job.
We are professionals.
We know engineering approach.
We want to contribute to the development of our country.